Top Countries In Sports And Why


Top Countries In Countries And Why

There are many ingredients that go into making a country stand out for its sporting prowess. Apart from the skill, strength and competence of the athletes, it is the management of the teams, the processes of recruiting and training talent, the hosting of sports events, and other related factors that determine a country’s ranking in terms of sports.
Another important factor that determines a country’s standing vis-à-vis sports and athletics is its socio-economic condition. It may be worthwhile to pay attention to certain unfavourable socio-economic conditions in order to uplift the sports competencies of the countries that don’t make it to this list.

These are the top countries in sports:

• Australia: Australia has consistently remained among the world leader in sports. The country has excelled in a wide range of sports, including skiing, surfing, tennis and cricket, at countless international sporting events, as well as at the Commonwealth Games and the Olympics. When you think of sports expertise, it's almost impossible not to think of Australia.
Total number of Olympic medals: 509

• Great Britain: Great Britain has consistently performed well in the Olympics, and the country’s sports expertise ranges from rugby to heavyweight box and everything in between. It’s a marvel that the country ranks so highly despite having a relatively small population.
Total number of Olympic medals: 875

• United States of America: No surprises here—be it soccer, basketball or swimming, the USA has its fair share of champions across many fields.
Total number of Olympic medals: 2,804

• Germany: Germany is best known for its skill and expertise in football and it has consistently performed well in the FIFA World Cup tournaments.
Total number of Olympic medals: 824

• France: France ranks highly in a wide range of sports. The country also plays host to many international sporting events. Cycling, swimming, athletics, soccer, tennis, winter sports, rugby, rowing and handball are some of France's strongest sports.
Total number of Olympic medals: 825
• Russia: Russia has produced many great athletes in the recent times, especially in the field of tennis. The former Soviet Union has 1,204 Olympic medals to its credit, and since its inception in 1991, Russia has won 547 medals in the Olympics.
Total number of Olympic medals: 547

• Spain: Football and tennis have—over the years—received their champion players from this country. Some of the names to reckon with in these sports are from Spain.
Total number of Olympic medals: 152

• India: Although best known for its prowess in cricket, India is also very good at field hockey (which is incidentally the country's national sport) and football. Football is a very popular sport in India, although it is yet to receive the attention that some other countries already do.
Total number of Olympic medals: 28

• Brazil: Brazil has been known for its commendable performance in football for a long time. Although it may seem to be on the decline in the recent years, the country continues to play a significant role not only in terms of performance across playing fields, but also when it comes to hosting international sporting events.
Total number of Olympic medals: 128

• New Zealand: The list started with Australia, and having travelled a full circle around the world, it returns to the beautiful country of New Zealand. New Zealand is known for having nurtured champions in sports such as rugby, rowing, sailing, kayaking, cricket and athletics.
Total number of Olympic medals: 118

Some other countries that deserve a honourable mention are Spain, Portugal, Switzerland and Serbia.

There are many factors to be taken into consideration before the aforementioned countries can be ranked for their sports performances. These factors include:
• The socio-economic conditions of the country.
• The per capita assessment of the accolades.
• The country's performance across tournaments over a period of time.
• The allocation of funds to the development of sports.

By Hebe India 30-Nov-2017